Ping from the Radar – Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

It’s been a few months since we first joined forces with Total Film and SFX to bring you TV and movie news and now it’s time for our next phase! We’ve relaunched our news channel and we’re bringing gaming brands that you may already know and love like Edge, The Official PlayStation Magazine, Official Xbox Magazine, Gamesmaster onto GamesRadar+. It’s business as usual for the magazines, but now we’re happy to be sharing our online home so that you – as a GR+ reader – can get your news, reviews, and features from a family of 50+ talented writers all in one place. Now, please join me in welcoming all the teams to GR+!

–Sophia Tong, Global Editor in Chief

Hello GR+! My name is Matthew, and I edit Official Xbox Magazine. I’m here to say we come in peace. Do not mistake the violent waving of my arms as an act of aggression, that is just me using Kinect to type this message on a virtual keyboard. That’s the kind of level of Xbox dedication you can expect from me and my incredible team. We live and breathe Xbox – past, present and future – and, thanks to our ties as the official magazine, can hopefully offer you access few other sites can. Whether it’s first looks at the biggest games or chats with the biggest names, we hope to fill our corner of GR+ with Xbox love. Enjoy our contributions and I hope to chat to everyone in the comment threads.

–Matthew Castle, Editor

Hi, I’m Matthew Pellett and I’m the editor of Official PlayStation Magazine. As a former GamesRadar forum member I’m delighted to help make GamesRadar+ the new online home of OPM, the UK’s best-selling games mag. Obviously you don’t need me to tell you we’re the world’s foremost authority on all things PS4, PS Vita and everything else beginning with ‘PlayStation’, and everyone on the team is eager to share our unprecedented access with the entire GamesRadar+ community. I’ll be on here every day, so if you see me lurking don’t hesitate to say hello or ask me a question.

–Matthew Pellett, Editor

Hey all, GamesMaster editor Joel here – and welcome to the new online home of the one of the longest running games mags in the known universe. We’re into our 23rd year of piping juicy info into your eyes and ears, and couldn’t be more excited about joining forces with GR+. We’ll be bringing you the most enthusiastic and dedicated gaming coverage around, incorporating all formats from next-gen to mobile, as well as serving up retro content, in-depth indie rundowns, as well as a dedicated look at Minecraft on a regular basis. See you soon!

–Joel Gregory, Editor

Since 1993, we’ve built a reputation for in-depth features, exclusive interviews and videogame industry analysis that is trusted around the world, and we’re looking forward to bringing this award-winning editorial into the GamesRadar family. Whether you’re new to Edge or you’ve followed us since our beginnings all those years ago, welcome to our new home. While you’re here, be sure to take a look at our latest issue, as detailed in this story.

–The Edge team

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