Modder stuffs an Xbox 360 into an Atari 2600 themed case

Merging the two systems that span nearly 30 years in gaming history, Heck, whose real name is Benjamin Heckendorn, calls the system the “Xbox 360 1977 Edition.”

He showed off the wicked monstrosity on the latest episode of his Web show, where he has also introduced us to a PS3 fit for the war in Afghanistan and an ‘Xbox 360 laptop,’ among other creations. His latest, Atari-themed creation is basically a revised version of the Xbox 360 laptop, with an attached screen that allows players to take it anywhere. Well, that is, if you don’t mind receiving bewildered looks from airport security.

On his blog, Heck points out the recent deal from Atari to start bringing its old-school titles to the Xbox Live Arcade. And in fact, Atari is fully behind Heck’s project. The modded console will be featured on, where users will also be able to sign up for a chance to win the eye-catching creation.

Take a look:

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Mar 22, 2011

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