Ghost Trick resurfaces for iOS devices

Shu Takumi’s Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective has been re-released on the Apple App Store, which may mean nothing to you unless you’re a fan of Shu’s other series, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, or remember that Ghost Trick was actually considered one of our favorite under the radar games of 2011 when it was released for the DS in North America last January. Still fuzzy on the details? Hopefully this trailer will clear things up.

Borrowing some of its style from the Phoenix Wright series, Ghost Trick is an adventure game that follows the newly ghostified Sissel and his partner Lynne on an investigation into his own death. In his spirit form, Sissel can switch between the Land of the Living and the Ghost World, wherein he can freeze time, talk to dead people, and perform certain “ghost tricks” while possessing various items.

The app works on all iDevices running iOS 4.3 or higher, and the first two levels of the game are available for free (opens in new tab). Playing beyond Chapter 2, however, will require making an in-app purchase of $9.99 for the rest of the game, or $4.99 for individual chapter packs. It’s not a bad deal considering you’re getting a full DS title for as low as ten bucks. Check out our review to see why we thought so highly of it.

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