Neo Geo handhelds new price is much more reasonable

When we first got word of theprice (opens in new tab)for the upcoming Neo Geo revival handheld, Neo Geo Gold, we were disappointed to find it cost $200 and forced you to buy a joystick along with the console.

What the manufacturer didn’t say at the time is that there would be more than one tier of purchasing options. Today, they’ve announced the second tier, Neo Geo X, which is a much more appealing option.

Though still expensive, the Neo Geo X features everything that comes with the Neo Geo Gold except the joystick (including a stack of 20 pre-loaded games) at the more reasonable price of $130. While still probably too expensive for most gamers, it’s now likely within the range of deep-pocketed players looking for an old school nostalgia trip.

It’s still kind of hard to imagine shelling out that much scratch for one of the – admittedly cool – handhelds. Especially with so many Neo Geo compilation packs sitting in PS2 bargain bins.

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