Bethesda hiring for unannounced next-gen game

Bethesda Game Studios is working working on an unannounced next-generation game, and it’s looking for talent to help out. The developer posted a job listing for a “future generation console programmer,” which is–in a refreshing turn of events–actually still live on its website.

The listing was spotted by NeoGAF users just a few days after Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games put out–then modified–a similar call for next-gen developers. We aren’t quite sure what makes a future generation console programmer, although Bethesda listed experience with DirectX 11 as a plus, so its longstanding presence on PCs is unlikely to change.

Expect to see more of these job listings as the next generation of consoles come into focus. With a likely PlayStation 4 reveal coming later this month, many next-generation titles and their expanding teams must be a decent way into development.

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