What game soundtrack do you think is underrated?

You spent all morning playing a game. Now, it’s time to get off your couch and run errands. You’re walking the halls of the grocery store unbeknownst to you, you’re humming something– it’s the soundtrack from the game you were playing this morning! The more you hum it, the more you want to get back to the game and keep that experience going. You have to spread the word to your friends about this awesome soundtrack too, because no one you know seems to be talking about it. Why doesn’t everyone talk about this all the time?! Which has us thinking…

What game soundtrack do you think is underrated?

Our pick is the soundtrack to Goldeneye 64. Just hearing the opening few beats of the main theme sends our minds racing back to sleepovers with friends, tons of pizza, and, of course, Goldeneye 64. Just hearing the song for Facility makes us want to start throwing proximity mines and turning on License to Kill mode. Good times… good times.

What’s your answer? Let us know in the comments!

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