Weekend Spent Sept. 8-9 – What are you playing?

Justin: Believe it or not, I missed Batman: Arkham City the first time round, despite having finished and loved Arkham Asylum. Go figure. But I went halves on a £20 copy with my girlfriend last week, so I’ll be playing that this weekend. That and our joint playthrough of Resident Evil: Code Veronica on Dreamcast. Classic Resi FTW.

Matt: Viva Pinata with my darling daughters. It’s a great game to play with the younglings as it teaches them lots of important lessons about life and nature and the delicate balance of symbiosis and how hitting things with a shovel can solve a great many problems.

David: After a couple of weeks of light gaming interspersed with a lot of Breaking Bad, this weekend is basically a train-smash of all the games. I’ve been hammering away at Resident Evil 6 at home for the last couple of weeks for a pretty intensive preview coming soon, so there’ll be more of that. I’m also reviewing the gloriously ludicrous rabbit vs. bear combat simulator Tokyo Jungle for one of our darling sister mags. And I also want to squeeze a delicious slice of Joe Danger 2 somewhere between those two hefty slabs of game. All that and I’m going to be poking around Georgian swimming pools and underground Roman things for historical gratification. Me on Monday = wreck.

Tom: Last weekend, when I said I’d be diving into Magic: The Gathering? Yeah, that didn’t quite pan out, as instead I continued to play Guild Wars 2. During the week, when I was hoping to get to Sound Shapes or Madden 13? Didn’t pan out, just played Guild Wars 2. This weekend? Whatever I say here isn’t going to pan out. I’m going to be playing Guild Wars 2.

Sterling: Review season is unofficially upon us. I’ve just gotten Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. I already know for a fact that I’ll be spending at least two hours on Friday night tweaking and updating transfers, and downloading user-generated PES 2012 kits to import into the new game for that extra touch of authenticity for Premier League clubs. I mean, I probably don’t have to do this, but, yeah, I do. Look for that review a few days before launch!

Henry: To take advantage of my last weekend in the states before flying off to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show, I‘m going to get started on my copies of Darksiders II and/or Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. I’m tempted to play some Persona 4: Arena too, but for the next week I‘m trying to limit my exposure to Japanese culture as much as I can. That’ll make my time in Tokyo all the sweeter.

Hollander: More Guild Wars 2. Yes. Be surprised. I’m hoping to hit level cap this weekend so I can write my review early next week, so stay tuned for that! Also I’ll be playing a super secret game I can’t talk about–wheee!

Sophia: I want to play Telltale’s Walking Dead game again. It’s that good! And because Episode 4 and 5 aren’t out yet, I think I’ll just replay the first three episodes. Other than that, I may try the Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm beta because I’m getting a little rusty.

Lorenzo: I’ll be spending the weekend in Guild Wars 2, toiling the mines for copper ore. My warrior’s armor crafting skill is pathetically low and I think dedicating some time to creating some brand-new gear will be time well spent. I also want to spend some time in the War of the Roses beta before it ends on September 10. WOTR is amazing and everyone should try it. Oh wait, you can! Get a beta code right here.

Lucas: This weekend, it’s all about Tekken Tag Tournament 2. I’m determined to get my Steve Fox play to godlike levels, ducking, weaving, and swaying past all incoming attacks to land killer punches to the chin. Hopefully, I’ll be able find some time to sink into Guild Wars 2 as well–I’m being mercilessly out-leveled by Tom, and that is simply unacceptable.

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