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Where to find Fortnite ziplines and ride around the island

Fortnite Ziplines are a long-established means of transport around the island, as they not only get you from A to B quickly once you’re attached, but can also help you cross gaps and ascend steep slopes that you’d otherwise have to build your way up. As you dart between difficult …

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Ms. Marvel head writer dismisses Captain Marvel fan theory

Ms. Marvel head writer Bisha K. Ali has dismissed a Captain Marvel fan theory that has cropped up online after the Ms. Marvel finale. **Spoilers ahead** In the episode’s post-credits scene, Kamala inspects her glowing bangle before being thrown backwards into her closet door. But it’s Captain Marvel, not Ms. …

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Adorable cat game Stray now has adorable cat merch

The upcoming cat adventure game Stray now has a line of fittingly adorable merch for your real-life feline friend, and precisely because it’s on the pricier side, it’s bound to become their new favorite scratching post. I know from painful experience that the more expensive something is, the more desperate …

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