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Epson EF-12

(Image credit: Epson)

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The best Black Friday projector deals are still pushing towards the end of the weekend, despite the day itself now well behind us. We expect the same discounts to run into Cyber Monday, which means there are plenty of options to expand your gaming or home cinema set-up. Today, the best 4K projector and the best projectors for gaming offer great alternatives to the best gaming TVs available, while the best portable projector and the best outdoor projectors can be great cost-effective alternatives for similar results. 

With the right machine, the best Black Friday projector deals can even rival the best QLED TV and the best OLED TV out there. But so as to avoid getting yourself confused, why not check out our best projector screens guide before picking your own favourite Black Friday projector deals from the below?    

Black Friday projector deals still available now 



Black Friday projector deals in the US

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XGIMI Mogo Pro+ Projector | $799 $649.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $149 – Thanks to its compact size and lightweight design, the Mogo Pro+ Projector is easy to set up anywhere – making it a great outdoor option you can pick up for less. With a full HD 1080p display, you also control it with ease from your iOS or Android device. 

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XGIMI MoGo Pro Portable Projector | $599.99 $499.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $100As another compact portable projector from XGIMI that’s easy to set up in any room, the Pro model has a sizable discount right now that’s absolutely worth a look. Offer up a 1080p display with built-in battery, it also features Chromecast and Android TV 9.0 support. 

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Epson EF12 | $1,000 $799.99 at Dell (opens in new tab)
Save $200 – This is a great saving on a great projector. The Android OS is easy to use, the 1080p HD picture is great, and its built-in speakers even do a great job. This is the projector’s lowest ever price so there’s never been a better time to get it.

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Samsung The Premiere LSP9T projector | $6,500 $4,999.99 at Samsung (opens in new tab)
Save $1,500 – This is a solid deal for those looking for the best from one of the best screen providers in the game. The discount is pretty mega too and is more than 20% hacked off the list price

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Epson Home Cinema 1080 | $750 $649.99 at Dell (opens in new tab)
Save $100 – Not only are you getting a god chunk of a great projector here, but this deal also sees you get a free $100 Dell eGift Card – that sweetens the deal. The projector itself is a fine model offering good connectivity and a fine 1080p resolution and great image quality.

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Epson EF-100 | $1,000 $849.99 at Dell (opens in new tab)
Save $150 – This is a solid 15% discount on a great mini projector that’s stylish as well as a provider of excellent images. The black and copper finish makes the unit stand out, and the Epson MicroLaser Array Technology means the pictures are incredibly bright and punchy.

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Black Friday projector deals in the UK

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Anker Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector | £549.99 £399.99 at Very (opens in new tab)
Save £150 –
This fantastic saving on Anker’s Nebula Capsule II will get you a very capable little projector for less. With Chromecast, Android TV 9.0, USB-C, Bluetooth, WiFi, and HDMI support, the Casuple II also features a 1-second auto-focus function that can adjust to the surface you’re projecting onto. 

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LG Electronics CineBeam PH30N LED Projector | £339 £269.00 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save £69 – With it’s sleek, small design, the CineBeam from LG fits easily into any room and offers up a great at-home cinema experience. Projectable on any surface in up 100 inches, you can connect wirelessly using your smartphone or via USB. 

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PHILIPS NeoPix Easy NPX440 Mini Projector | £89.99 at Currys (opens in new tab)
A compact and affordable device capable of turning any wall into a screen. With less than a kilo of weight, it is a great solution if you need a reliable projector to carry places or put away easily. Place it anywhere you like and enjoy the high-quality image reproduction sized up to 80 inches. With its built-in stereo speakers, you don’t need any other accessory for a complete screening experience.

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ViewSonic PX701-4K 4K projector | £899 £728 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save £171 – What’s that? A quality 4K gaming projector from a recognised brand for less than £750? Yes, please. Plus it is this projector’s lowest ever price so there’s never been a better time to get it. A great deal.

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ViewSonic M2 | £599 £522 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save £77 – This smart portable monitor is at its lowest ever price from Amazon right now and is a great option for those who value quality, features, and portability, all in one sweet, and cool, projector.

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ViewSonic M2e | £549 £415 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save £134 – Also down to its lowest ever price, the ‘e’ variant of the M2 is also a great option. Its 1080p picture is great, and it also has a strong feature set, including Harmon Kardon speakers built-in.

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Samsung The Premiere LSP9T projector | £6,999 £4,999 at Samsung (opens in new tab)
Save £2,000 – The same premium projector is available at a big discount on the UK’s side of the Atlantic too. At this price, it’s a bit easier to stomach, but for those waiting for a premium option to get its price hacked this is it.

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Black Friday projector TV deals: FAQs

Black Friday projector TV deals: what to expect

Samsung Premiere LSP7T

(Image credit: Samsung)

Trying to pick out specifics can get tricky given the projector market’s size and diversity now, but the flip side of this means that there is likely to be something for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for. However, when highlighting a few models or brands, we can see the price cuts we’re likely to get this year (hopefully).

At the premium end of the market, the most famous and well-known name in projector land is likely to be the Samsung Premiere range. This only consists of two models (the LSP9T and LSP7T), but both have made waves in the home projector market since their 2020 release. The slightly more affordable model, the LSP7T, regularly stays around its list price of $3,500 but could see at least an equal lowest-ever price when the Black Friday projector deals start – it has seen a $500 discount multiple times in the past year, and went down to its lowest ever price of $2,800 during Prime Day in June. Given some more time between now and the projector’s release, and the general trend of electronic items’ prices, matching this price, at least, seems a decent shout.

BenQ X1300i

(Image credit: BenQ)

Slightly older models that still very much stand up like the BenQ TH671ST might be worth considering too given the value to be had if a deal comes around. This model has seen plenty of price cuts since its release but for some reason, we fancy seeing a big cut on this one as BenQ looks to its newer models – it’s been down to around $600 before so why not $500 this year? It usually retails at the $750 mark so this would be a third off!

In the portable market, the Anker Nebula II is a highly regarded model but still something that has a sizeable price tag given its diminutive size. A near-$600 portable projector, its lowest ever price was around $400, back in October last year, and so a similar price this year would be very welcome, and not out of the question. Could be just in time for some Christmas visual projecting!

And, as always, this year’s going to be the first discount period for a lot of newer models. That means we’re bound to see great deals on them and even have a good chance of seeing the lowest-ever prices. Models like the BenQ X1300i, the slightly older BenQ GV1 portable projector, and the Epson EF-12 are good calls for this.

Today’s best deals

If you can’t wait and need to see what the latest prices are right now on some top projectors, then we have your back. Our price-finding tech always roots out the latest and best prices, no matter where you are, and below you can find exactly that for a few select models. While it’s probably best for the Black Friday projector deals to come around properly, you might find a great price right now. Weirder things have happened, after all.

How do I choose a good projector?

As with TVs, monitors, and, well, anything in the tech space nowadays, there is an unbelievable amount of choice when it comes to quality projectors. However, the way to choose a good projector is to be ruthless with yourself about how you’re going to use the projector. This will help funnel down your options and direct your research when the time comes.

For example, if you need something small, portable, and fine to throw in a backpack, then you can ignore all the high-end, potentially bulky 4K and top-tier units (obviously), and if you’re looking at something to genuinely replace your television to be your homes main TV for movies, entertainment, and gaming, then you’ll only be interested in the 108p+ resolution-givers, and the most premium of 4K units.  And this is the most sensible kind of way to look at it, as it’s extremely hard to find a projector that’ll guinenely be a hybrid, jack of all trades unit.

Think about use, then apply some priorities such as resolution, gaming focus, brand, and, of course, price – the latter being particularly useful when you know what your budget is, and what models to push it a bit for.

For broader looks at the primary gaming display scene in this year’s sales period, then check out the Black Friday QLED TV deals and Black Friday OLED TV deals, as well as the Black Friday PS5 TV deals.

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