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Monster Hunter Rise best weapons tier list

The Monster Hunter Rise best weapons are always up for debate, as players consider damage, versatility, speed, elemental effect, sharpness, range, ammo, control and a thousand more factors – but that doesn’t mean that some don’t stand out over others. With MH Rise Sunbreak having recently launched and weapon priorities …

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Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs

Monster Hunter Rise wirebugs are a new mechanic for the series, giving you almost Spider-Man like potential to zip around. The increased movement is a God send for the aspiring hunter and obviously something you want to master to get around the environment and get an advantage in hunts. This …

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How to get Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore for crafting

Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore is an important resource for crafting weapons and armor, and a step up from Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore, which you need first. Dragonite Ore is slightly harder to find than Machalite, as you’d expect from the ‘next’ resource up the chain, however, with our …

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