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Greener pastures

Its St. Patricks Day, a time when we celebrate the Irish, drinking, and the color green (not always in that order). After giving the Irish and drinking at least one tribute feature, its time for us to focus on the favorite shade of the Emerald Isle and the characters that wear it.

Weve rounded up the 25 most green stars of gaming for this special day, and are ready to share them with you now. Whether youre eating haggis or nursing a hangover, we hope this list of appropriately dressed characters will put you in a festive mood.

Master Chief

Character designs post-2000 are in danger of getting too generic, though not in the Halo franchise. Master Chiefs army green outerwear separates from the pack of bland space marines. We hope that when Halo 5 rolls around, Chief continues to sport the Mjolnir Armor in all its emerald glory.


Mortal Kombat features a rainbow coalition of ninjas, and after Scorpion and Sub-Zero, Reptile must be the most popular masked man in the series, and is definitely the greenest. In more recent games, Reptiles humanoid skintone was replaced with a scaly green, which only cements his legacy on lists like these.

The Prince

This feature is about celebrating wearers of green no matter how miniscule they might be, and that includes the microscopic Prince from Katamari Damacy. The Prince is often tasked with cleaning up his fathers messes, which he does in style wearing a billowy lime shirt that, once combined with purple pants, looks strangely similar to the Incredible Hulk.


Perhaps the most famous green man in gaming, Luigis commitment to the color makes him stand out from his brother. Ironically, hes likely only green because its the contrasting color to red, meaning it looks best next to his superstar brother. Still, whether or not he wears it because of his brother, at least he wears it well.

Captain Qwark

Ratchet and Clank headline their own series, but if you asked Captain Qwark, the boisterous man in avocado would inform you that hes the real star. Sometimes cast as a villain, but more often as a lumbering buffoon, Qwark isnt the bravest hero in the stars, but we came to love him all the same.


Way before Master Chief was wearing green armor while killing space monsters, the iconic Doom Marine donned a similar ensemble. We have to think that the developers chose that look to differentiate the character from the oppressive red of Mars, but it looks great even on Earth or when being worn by your Xbox Live Avatar.

Space Invaders

Admittedly these guys were all white the first time we saw them, and they shift between colors in recent games like Space Invaders Extreme. Still, old school fans like us prefer to see these outer space intruders as the little, green men of our youths.


Jade was the stoic star of Beyond Good & Evil, and this truthseeker took her namesake seriously. But unlike most of the characters on this list, Jade didnt limit herself to one shade of green. She mixed together multiple hues from her headband on down to her shoes.


Many on this list had to dress a certain way to make the cut, but this amphibian got here naturally. Some might hate Slippy for being the goofiest member of the Star Fox team, but the toads tech skills mean he isnt completely useless.

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