PlayStation brings back Days of Play with a custom console and game deals

Sony is reviving its Days of Play promotion once again this year starting on June 7, a joyous time of year when the PlayStation brand takes time out of its busy schedule to celebrate, well, itself. But it’s not all back patting and self-congratulation; Days of Play historically comes with a shiny new custom console emblazoned with the DualShock face button iconography and a raft of solid discounts on games and hardware.

This year is no exception. The custom console on offer is a Steel Black PS4 (opens in new tab) with the triangle, circle, cross, and square in muted gunmetal grey, a slick looking unit available for $299.99 (there’s also the usual jet black PS4 Pro (opens in new tab) on offer for $349.99). This year’s game sale includes a greatest hits list of recent exclusives, including Spider-Man (opens in new tab) and God of War (opens in new tab) for $19.99, and some Game of the Year contenders from the back catalog by way of the PlayStation Hits program – stuff like Last of Us Remastered or Bloodborne for $9.99. If you missed these games at launch, it’s an amazing chance to get caught up for a fraction of the price. On the hardware side, Sony is also offering some PlayStation VR bundles (opens in new tab) including the headset and games for $249.99, or DualShocks for $39.99. 

At time of writing, there’s no way to pre-order the Days of Play console, so you’ll need to be quick on the trigger on June 7. You can still pick up last year’s Days of Play console (see below), but it usually sells out via regular retailers.

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PlayStation 4 Slim Days of Play 2018 Console for $299.99 at Target (opens in new tab)
Can’t wait for this year’s custom PS4? Or perhaps you just prefer the stylish gold and blue of the 2018 offering? While they’re limited edition and discontinued, you can still grab one at Target while supplies last. 

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Coming as it does near the end of the current hardware cycle, this feels like Sony celebrating the entire generation. You’d expect some jubilation, with reported console sales on the PlayStation side reportedly more than doubling (opens in new tab) the competitors across the aisle at Microsoft (shouts to VGchartz) and with easily some of the best exclusives, in greater volumes, of this generation. With new PS5 (opens in new tab) hardware on the horizon, taking a minute to toast the company’s success isn’t just an excuse for a mid-summer sale, it’s also good business, a reminder of Sony’s dominance in this round of console warfare just as it’s prepping to sell another platform. The sale will run from June 7-17.

For more consoles, check out all the latest PS4 Pro deals (opens in new tab), and if you need to renew your sub, here are today’s best PS Plus deals (opens in new tab).

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