Everything we know so far about John Wick 4

Yeah, he’s pissed. John Wick 4 has been announced and after Keanu Reeves’ master hitman has had his pupper shot in front of him, been declared excommunicado, and left for dead on the streets of the Big Apple, you’d best believe the fourth instalment will see him gunning for the High Table.

But, with John Wick 3 (opens in new tab) still running in theaters, it was quite a shock to see a John Wick 4 release date announced just days after the threequel’s premiere. With details still (obviously) a little thin on the ground when it comes to the John Wick 4 cast, news of any John Wick 4 trailers, and anything else that might be released about the movie, it’ll be like getting blood from a stone at this moment in time about everything and anything John Wick 4-related.

Fast Facts: John Wick 4

John Wick 4 release date: May 21, 2021
John Wick 4 director:
John Wick 4 cast: Keanu Reeves; TBC
John Wick 4 writer(s): TBC

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with it. Below, we’ll run you through the cast-iron guarantees of John Wick 4 (hey, maybe Keanu Reeves will show up?) alongside the maybes and possibilities for what’s to come. After all, this might be the time John Wick (opens in new tab) finally bites the bullet. Fourth time lucky, eh?

John Wick 4 release date

John Wick 2

Image credit: Lionsgate Films

The John Wick 4 release date was announced in one of the most peculiar ways: via SMS. Those who had signed up for mobile updates for John Wick 3 had a nice little surprise drop in their inbox in the shape of the following message: “You have served. You will be of service. John Wick: Chapter 4 is coming – May 21, 2021.” No flashy announcement, just a quick text. What is this, 2003?

Either way, the John Wick 4 release date marks the fourth John Wick movie in seven years, since the original’s debut in 2014. Chapter Two arrived three years later in 2017, while John Wick 3 released in 2019. With the current trend, it wouldn’t be beyond reason to expect a John Wick 5 in 2023, in much the same way the Mission: Impossible franchise pumps out ever more spectacular entries every couple of years.

John Wick 4 trailers

Wouldn’t you just know it, there are no John Wick 4 trailers yet. Shocking, I know. Heck, not even an MCU-style post-credits scene to give us a crumb of what to expect.

In all seriousness, filming hasn’t even started yet, so don’t expect a John Wick 4 trailer until late 2020 at the very earliest, though early 2021, to mirror the third movie’s marketing, is more than likely.

John Wick 4 cast

John Wick 3

Image credit: Lionsgate Films

While nothing has been officially confirmed, we can make some John Wick-style stabs in the dark with surgical precision. Keanu Reeves is a lock – you can’t have John Wick 4 without the man himself, after all.

Elsewhere, things are slightly more up in the air, but some key ensemble members should be back for another go around: Ian McShane, who plays Continental hotel manager Winston still very much has unfinished business with John Wick and the High Table. His loyal right hand, Charon (played by Lance Reddick) has appeared in every John Wick movie and you wouldn’t bet against him missing out in John Wick 4.

Meanwhile, a few newer cast members could feasibly return in 2021. Keanu Reeves’ old Matrix sparring partner, Laurence Fishburne’s Bowery King, plays a huge role in the John Wick 3 ending, and he’s flanked by the Clock King (Mark Dacascos) who was woefully underused but could have a larger role to play down the line. There’s also the Director, Wick’s mentor, as played by Anjelica Huston, who probably isn’t best pleased at having to be of servitude to the High Table for the foreseeable future.

Finally, John Wick 4 would be nothing without a villain you’d love to see riddled with bullets by the time the credits roll. That position might yet fall to Asia Kate Dillon, who glowered and grimaced their way through the previous movie as the menacing Adjudicator. They haven’t had to get their hands dirty – yet – but just wait until the rest of the John Wick 4 cast has them in their sights.

John Wick 4 plot

If you were paying attention during the betrayals and backstabs in the John Wick 3 ending, you’ll have noticed that the John Wick 4 plot has been set up perfectly. The audience may have come into the movie expecting Wick’s journey to come to an end, but it feels like the fourth movie will bring about the explosive conclusion that was given a stay of execution in John Wick 3.

At the end of the third Chapter, Winston has staved off the High Table and has been reinstated as manager of the Continental after shooting John Wick, who fell off the roof of the hotel and into the NYC streets below.

Of course, that didn’t kill Mr. Wick. He was carted off by the Clock King to the recently-deposed Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) who, in a word, asked him if he wanted to get back at all that had wronged him. John Wick’s answer? He’s “pissed.” I’ll take that as a yes, then.

So, the stage is set: John Wick is up against the Adjudicator, the High Table, and potentially Winston and Charon – depending on how Wick reads the double-cross as an act of business, a clever sleight-of-hand to fool the High Table, or an outright betrayal. He’ll have the Bowery King at his side and, quite possibly, will have access to some guns. Oh, who am I kidding? Lots of guns.

But where are we going and when is it set? Weirdly, the entire series of John Wick has actually taken place across a couple of blood-soaked weeks in the life of John Wick – and we would expect the tight timeframe to persist in John Wick 4.

John Wick’s Halle Berry-starring detour to Casablanca however, wasn’t the first time the franchise stretched its legs into foreign territory, with John Wick 2 opting to go to Rome and flesh out the Continental lore further. Who knows where he’s off to next, though you can expect most of the action to be grounded around New York with maybe a quick trip or two further afield. With the Wick films getting increasingly absurd, I wouldn’t even put it past Keanu Reeves to go to space at this point.

So, we’ve got the promise of more revenge, a cast of characters who more than know what to do with a gun (or a book, for that matter), and a fourth movie that’s surely looking to up the assassin ante even further than before. One question remains: Is it 2021 yet?

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