How to get Destiny 2 Halo guns and Strange Coins

Halo guns have come to Destiny 2, so it’s only fitting that they’re primarily acquired using a nostalgic currency: Strange Coins. These are tied to the new Dares of Eternity activity overseen by Xur and the, uh, Starhorse, and this six-player showdown is how the new Destiny 2 Halo guns are awarded.

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There are a few Halo-themed weapons up for grabs. You’ve got the BxR-55 Battler pulse rifle, the twin swords Half-Truths and The Other Half, the Retraced Path trace rifle, and the Forerunner Exotic sidearm. With the exception of the Forerunner – which has its own Exotic quest, as detailed in our Destiny 2 Forerunner guide – all of these weapons drop from the broader Dares of Eternity loot pool, which covers a few different sources.

The easiest way to get Halo guns in Destiny 2 is opening the main chest in Xur’s Treasure Hoard, the new loot-filled social space. You’ll need Treasure Keys to do so, and these can be earned by completing Dares of Eternity (ideally on Legend difficulty for better loot), opening Paraversal Haul bundles, or purchasing Treasure Keys directly from the Starhorse for 10 Strange Coins each. 

To maximize your loot, be sure to spend your Strange Coins on all your available Starhorse bounties first. You can get three small bounties each day and three big bounties each week, and these are the best use of your Strange Coins since they give Paraversal Hauls. If you find yourself with excess coins, you can spend them on Paraversal Hauls for some variety or guarantee additional weapons by buying more Treasure Keys. If you’re short on Strange Coins, Dares of Eternity is the best place to get more, but you can also go for normal playlist activities like Strikes. 

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