Final Fantasy Origin dev says Chaos memes are “better than if it wasnt being talked about at all”

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s producer has addressed the game’s many memes.

Following the reveal of Stranger of Paradise at E3 2021, players were certainly talking about the game, but not in the way its creators anticipated. The game’s leading character Jack became the subject of a great many memes due to his repeated use of the word “Chaos”.

The story sees Jack set out to kill Chaos but voices his intentions to do so a little too frequently, much to the joy of meme makers everywhere. One such example of the kind of memes created comes courtesy of YouTube channel KaeTube, which uploaded a video (opens in new tab) that includes a staggering number of references to Chaos in its 45-second duration.

Stranger of Paradise’s producer Jin Fujiwara recently spoke to PCGamesN (opens in new tab) about the massive volume of memes released after the game’s announcement. He revealed that the team were initially surprised that Jack’s obsession with Chaos was what stood out most about the trailer. “Honestly, the amount of Chaos memes was not quite what we were expecting”, Fujiwara says.

Naturally, the developer would prefer people talk about the game’s edgier tone or stylish combat system. Still, they’re grateful that the game has gained traction even if it isn’t how they had imagined. According to Fujiwara, it’s “better than if it wasn’t being talked about at all”.

Were the team to redo the game’s marketing campaign, they probably wouldn’t lean on the Chaos element quite so much. “If we were to do it over again, I would perhaps want to take a slightly different approach, maybe try and get that point across clearer,” Fujiwara says.

In our Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin review (opens in new tab), we describe the game as “not entirely awful, but alarmingly rough and unrefined”.

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