Cliff Bleszinski hints at more Gears of War at VGAs

Later tonight Cliff Bleszinski will announce a new franchise for Epic Games, but on the Spike VGA online preshow, he had a chance to answer questions about his games in general. When asked by the nice looking hosts of the stream about the future of Gears of War after the conclusion of the 360-exclusive trilogy. Though Cliff was mostly evasive, he admitted that Gears is probably far from over.

After talking up the soon to launch Raam’s Shadow DLC, Cliff had more to say about the future. “If a game does well it makes sense to make more,” saying it’s likely you haven’t seen the last of the franchise. When pressed on Epic’s soon to be revealed new title, he dismissed leading questions that it would be the return of Jazz Jackrabbit, but he did surprise us with one hint for the game. Cliff said it’s style wouldn’t be “space marine, dude bro,” which would be quite a change indeed for the developer.

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