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If Santa could make any Christmas wish come true, what would you wish for? Bloggers Steven Ellis and Kell Harker team up and discuss their top geeky wish list items

So, imagine you’re writing your geeky wish list to Santa and the sky’s the limit; you know that whatever you wish for Santa will make come true. Christmas magic is frakkin’ awesome!

Dear Santa and SFX friends, here are our Christmas wishes and why they would make great presents:

“I’d love to strut around in my armour at conventions and maybe just wander around the house too.”

Steven: “Heh, I’d go to the ranch and ask them to screen the ’70s Battlestar Galactica for me… Do you think they would?”

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“Anyway…My second wish would be a day driving round in Doc Brown’s DeLorean. It would have to be the one from Back To The Future Part 2 – you know, the one with the Mr Fusion on the back and the flying. Sure, it’d be nice if it actually flew… and could travel in time as well, for that matter, but just a day in a mocked-up car would have me grinning like a fool.”

Kell: “Nice one! If you could go to any moment in time Steven, where would you go?”

Steven: “The Jurassic!”

Steven: “Can I have a dinosaur too, just something small, like maybe a Dromaeosaurus?”

Kell: “No.”

Kell: “I’m going to save a wish by Forcing you to throw the LEGO Millennium Falcon in your shopping cart for me, thanks buddy.”

“My third wish is to be in Lee’s Palace (located in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada) where Sex Bob-omb perform in the Battle Of The Bands. What better band is there that can make me think about death and get sad and stuff? I HEART YOU, SEX BOB-OMB! WHOO-HOO!”

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Kell: “You don’t have to explain, but now I’m a little suspicious of why you think you need a body guard.”

Steven: “I don’t need a body guard; I just need Jo to think I do…”

Kell: “Moving along…

Kell: “Chewie doesn’t scare you? Am I the only one who’s scared of Chewie?”

Steven: “No, I have a book on speaking Shyriiwook; I reckon I’d be OK.”

Kell: “My 1979 toy replica Millennium Falcon is good enough for me! I’m quite content flying it around my bedroom making my own sound effects.”

Steven: “Strangely enough I can picture that…”

Steven: “Ooooh, I’d love to visit New Zealand!

“I think my final wish would be to have a meal/night out with all the captains of Star Trek. Not the actors who play them, the actual characters. I bet that’d be a damn good night out.”

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Kell: “Heh, I have a Star Trek wish too! I wish for William Shatner to buy me a pint of Molson Canadian beer, and then recite his famous ‘I Am Canadian’ monologue for me. Then I would have the pleasure of buying him a beer and declare, ‘My name is Kelly Harker, and I am also Canadian!’”

Steven: “I did have one more, but I honestly can’t believe I thought of it. I guess I have a bit of a cruel side or maybe I’m just a gore hound, but I’d love a day out at a shooting range getting to fire all sorts of weapons at actual real undead shuffling zombies…”

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Kell: “You can use me as a target if you like! ‘Brrrr-eh-nnnnsssss…’”

Steven: “Hey, don’t we look good as zombies! Zombie Blind Date beckons!”

Thank you Santa and Merry Christmas! Love bloggers Steven Ellis and Kell Harker.

What would you put on your wish list? Write your ideas in the comments section below so that Santa can make your geeky Christmas wishes come true! *Disclaimer: SFX is not liable if your wishes do not come true.*

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