Elden Ring speedrunner reclaims throne with astounding 19-minute clear

A popular Elden Ring speedrunner has reclaimed their throne with an astounding 19-minute finish.

The speedy Tarnished, who goes by Distortion2 on YouTube, previously set the world record for fastest Elden Ring speedrun a whopping five times in less than a week. Distortion2 was dethroned last week by another Elden Ring streamer exploiting a crazy new glitch dubbed “the zip,” but with today’s sub-20 minute run, the OG record holder is on top once again.

As you’d expect from such a blistering run, Distortion2’s latest achievement is an Any% playthrough, meaning it was accomplished by any means necessary using various glitches and exploits, including the aforementioned zipping tactic. That said, the streamer says it took 15 additional hours of grinding and even a postponed flight to get the job done, so understandably, the sight of the credits rolling was an emotional moment for Distortion2, who’s audibly shaken up at the end. “Almost lost hope towards the end but so happy I managed to get it,” reads the YouTube video’s description.

Since Elden Ring has only been out for a few weeks now, it’s almost certain that we’ll see an even faster Any% run in the near future, likely with the help of a new glitch or exploit. But for now, here’s to hoping Distortion2 can get some much-needed rest on that flight.

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