Kart-riding Miyamoto clarifies his position in characteristically whimsical fashion

Hey, remember how last week we heard that Shigeru Miyamoto was stepping down? And how that probably turned out to have been a bit of a misunderstanding (though Wired is sticking to the story)? Having clarified that Miyamoto “will continue to be a driving force in Nintendo’s development efforts,” Nintendo went to the extent of having the designer appear in a Canoga, CA mall, literally posing as the driving force behind Nintendo’s latest development effort.

Above: This is a good space for a “mall patrons injured by Blue Shells” joke, but Shigeru is far too sporting to resort to such tactics

If you wanted to, you could probably also interpret the pic as “Shigeru’s retiring to race karts,” but that would be foolish. After all, it’s not like racing interferes with the careers of any of the Mario Kart series’ protagonists, is it now? And also, now you know that Mario Kart 7 is out, and that the game’s so great that it apparently has the power to blur the boundary between game and creator. A thoroughly well-spent afternoon on Miyamoto’s behalf, then.

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