Xbox Series X restock: heres where the console could pop up over the weekend

Xbox Series X restock activity has been more fruitful in the last week than in recent months, as just yesterday Microsoft (opens in new tab) had units available for sale. Based on this fact, here’s where Xbox Series X stock is likely to appear today and over the weekend. 

We’re long overdue an Xbox Series X restock drop from Best Buy (opens in new tab) and GameStop (opens in new tab) as these two retailers in particular, until this month, were consistently rolling out Xbox Series X units every two weeks or so. It’s coming up to three weeks since we last saw activity from these storefronts, so we recommend keeping a close eye on their activity today and over the weekend. 

It’s been fairly quiet in terms of Xbox Series X stock updates throughout the majority of October, especially in the US, but we’ve seen a steady resurgence from Target (opens in new tab) who was similarly mute over an extended period of time as well. 

We’ve also seen Amazon UK (opens in new tab) picking up more in terms of delivering Xbox Series X restocks this week, as mere hours ago, Xbox Series X restocks happened in fleeting fashion at the world’s largest online retailer. 

It’s been heavily rumored that the majority of both online, as well as brick-and-mortar retailers, are stockpiling units ahead of the Xbox Series X Black Friday deals in November in order to meet demand. Yet, with nothing confirmed just yet, our best advice is to hold tight and see what’s launched today and over the weekend as Fridays have, historically, been one of the better days of the week to get your hands on an Xbox Series X system. 

Xbox Series X restocks: last seen at these retailers

Xbox Series X: which console should I buy? 

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Xbox Series X | $499 (Check Amazon) (opens in new tab)
The Xbox Series X is not only the most powerful Xbox console ever built but also the most powerful console currently on the market. If you’ve wanted to blitz through the latest games in 4K, as well as enjoy the endless backward compatibility of older Xbox systems, this is the all in place to do so. 

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Xbox Series S | $299 (Check Amazon) (opens in new tab)
This budget next-gen system lacks a conventional UHD disk drive and native 4K support, but if you’re after something cheap to play the latest games, or experience Game Pass through, then you can’t really go wrong here for the price. Plus, it’s often easier to find in the US and UK, too. 

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Xbox Series X restocks: general buying advice

Price: The Xbox Series X retails for $499 / £449. We know it’s tempting to go through secondary resellers or pay over-the-odds for the system, but the console just isn’t worth the inflated rates that we’re seeing listings for at the moment. 

Trusted retailers: If you’ve seen an Xbox Series X listing at a website that you don’t recognize or at a price that’s too good to be true from a reseller, then suggest that you avoid them at all costs. Only purchase an Xbox Series X from trusted retailers such as the ones listed above. 

Queues: Many online retailers will launch you into a virtual queue system before you can have your chance to buy an Xbox Series X for yourself. Our best advice is to have your payment information to hand, or punch it in pre-emptively if possible, to avoid losing out on those few crucial minutes (or even seconds) where it can make all the difference. 

Bundles: In the frenzy of an Xbox Series X restock event going live, it should be reiterated that the vast majority of consumers are going to be looking to pick up the console by itself. This means that the standalone system could be potentially long gone by the time you even get your shot, fortunately, bundles packed in with the best Xbox Series X accessories (like the best Xbox Series X headset or games) are less competitively fought over. 

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