Uncharted 3: TV spot and info on Subway cross-promotion

Here’s a new Uncharted 3 clip, released to mark the game’s tie-in with the Subway chain. Just imagine – there are probably millions for whom this is the first glimpse of Nathan Drake, and now they’ll forever think of him as the new, weirdly smooth-skinned Jared Fogle. Nice work, Subway! But if you’ve seen much of this before (albeit in a fashion that left the relationship between “eating at Subway” and “winning” vexingly unclear), you’ll be more interested in what the promo can do for your Uncharted 3 experience. Sony has info for you too.

Above: Put down that dictionary – this right here is what “Synergy” means

Assuming you got here via your interest in the Uncharted series of videogames – as opposed to your Google News Alert for “Subway sandwiches” – Sony and Naughty Dog have another clip for you. In exchange for consuming a respectable amount of Subway-branded beverages, you’ll get early access to the Uncharted 3 multiplayer, which the more stridently sandwich-averse won’t be playing until the game’s November 1 launch.

During this period, there’s no end of Subway-related bits and pieces for you to unlock, ranging from genuinely-useful perks (branded cannily in Subway colors) to debatably-useful Subway in-game clothing. The latter, at least, serves the triple purpose of letting everyone know that (1) you were playing Uncharted 3 on day zero, (2) you’ve got yourself some brand loyalty and you don’t care who knows it; and (3) anyone who gets your back in-game might just get access to the employees-only menu on their next sandwich-break. Hells yes, that’s a thing – the chipotle cookies are a better idea in theory than in practice.

Oct 3, 2011

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