Lost Girl 3.05 Faes Wide Shut REVIEW

Lost Girl 3.05 “Faes Wide Shut” TV REVIEW

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Episode 3.05
Written by: Jeremy Boxen
Directed by: George Mihalka

THE ONE WHERE A sex-club run by The Bacchus is tied to the death of a cheating human husband, who dissolves into a pool of goo in front of his horrified wife. Bo investigates – unleashing her dark side. Meanwhile, Kenzi is acting very curiously…

VERDICT A deliberate spoof of Eyes Wide Shut – which would have been evident even if the title hadn’t given it away – this episode is packed full of juicy moments, most of them revolving around Bo’s hunger for sex. She’s come to an arrangement with Lauren which allows her to feed off other people (otherwise there’ll be nothing left of her human girlfriend – succubi feed a lot ). The opening scene is amusing, as Lauren and Bo check out a selection of possible choices, but while Lauren seems okay with Bo’s needs you can tell she’s finding it difficult. Kudos to Anna Silk for portraying Bo as a loving girlfriend one moment and a hungry succubus the next as she heads off towards her victim, 100% predator. No wonder Lauren tells her she doesn’t want to watch next time…

Last week’s cliffhanger seems to have been forgotten about: Kenzi, who was swiped by something unseen in an alleyway, is alive and well and determined to get involved in a new case with her best bud. As the episode continues, however, she’s markedly less funny than usual – always a bad sign in a character who churns out hilarious one-liners like BBC Three turns out not-particularly-good sit-coms. And then the lying and bitchiness starts, right up until Bo clicks that this isn’t really her friend and confronts her. It’ll be fascinating to find out exactly what’s happened to Kenzi next week. To us, it looks as though somebody’s turned her into a Mean Girl.

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FAE OF THE DAY Roman, the original Bacchus, who’s spent so many years indulging in a sex, drugs and rock’n’roll… er… belly dancing… lifestyle that he’s worn himself out. Now he can only get his kicks by feeding off the sexual energy of a giant Manta Fae locked in his own personal steam room; the Manta, meanwhile, gets all that energy from humans, infecting them with a Fae STD in the process. Gross! Gotta love his big Manta-tentacle, though.

LOVE TRIANGLE LATEST Not-Kenzi sows some seeds of doubt in Lauren’s mind as to how much Dyson is in love with Bo. Will this eat away at her?

KISS COUNT Bo feeds off a woman who later turns up dead. Awkward.

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EWWW At the sex-club, a couple are having sex on a shiny table. All the way through this scene, all I could think was how horrible the cleaner’s job would be the next morning. “I’ll get some Pledge on this table… hang on, it keeps smearing…”

WE’D WATCH THIS SHOW! Kenzi may be off form this week but she’s still capable of at least one good joke: she interviews the wife of the gooey victim and tells her she’s from a TV show called Paranormal Hot-vestigators .

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BFF VERSUS MAIN SQUEEZE Kenzi’s very bitchy to Lauren, but we’ll give her an “out” because it doesn’t seem to be her. However, all the jealousy could well be festering inside Kenzi, and whatever has taken her over is just making it public. Guess we’ll see next episode!

DUH! Dyson and Tamsin take the body of the dead woman – who smells of Bo – to Lauren so she can autopsy it. There can’t be that many Fae doctors in the world but really, if you were a cop, wouldn’t you find someone else to do it? Lauren’s girlfriend could have killed this victim: could her autopsy results really be trusted?

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AWESOME ARCHITECTURE What a lovely room the Manta lives in!

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FULLY CLOTHED For the first time this season, Dyson keeps his shirt on all the way through the episode. The writers probably thought Roman’s naked chest would be good enough.

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GOO ALERT She’s been slimed!

HERE’S A THOUGHT… We know that a male succubus is an incubus, but perhaps the Bacchus is the next best thing to Bo? After all, when she asks him the craziest thing he’s ever done in bed, he replies: “Sleep.”

QUICK THINKING Dyson turns Roman’s death ray blast on him by using a shield to reflect it back. That’s all very Medusa if you ask us. Gotta love them Greek legends.

THINGS HAPPEN IN PAIRS So Bo’s got this weird “Dark Side” thing going on and now Kenzi has been possessed or taken over or even body-doubled. Is anybody on this show what they seem? Soon we’ll discover that Lauren is really the Ash or something…

Lauren: “He’s a Hydra. Nine heads.”
Bo: “I see only one.”
Lauren: “Not those kind of heads.”
Bo: “Oh.”


Bo (seeing the sexed-up Manta’s tentacle): “HOLY OCTOPUSSY!”

Jayne Nelson

Lost Girl season three will air in the UK on Syfy later in the year

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