Skyfall TV spot released for James Bonds Olympic appearance: watch online now

Skyfall , the latest James Bond adventure, got a promotional push during last night’s Olympic opening ceremony, as NBC aired the film’s first TV spot.

Short on dialogue, save for Daniel Craig’s, “007 reporting for duty,” the teaser footage emphasises the action, with a brief look at the train sequence that wowed the crowds at Comic-Con 2012 .

Director Sam Mendes has been true to his word in terms of keeping the scale huge, but this is also looking to be the most stylish outing yet for Craig’s Bond.

Check out the Skyfall TV spot below:

There’s familiar footage for those who’ve seen the Skyfall trailer , but for anyone wanting to see the world’s most famous secret agent in a different light, he made a guest appearance during the Danny Boyle-orchestrated opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics. (opens in new tab) has the footage, in which Bond demonstrates his allegiance to his Queen and country by escorting Her Majesty to the games, before making a high-octane entrance with her.

If you weren’t one of the billion people people watching last night (or even if you were, and you fancy seeing it again), you can catch the footage below:

Skyfall opens on 26 October 2012 (that ‘November’ in the TV spot refers to the US market).

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