Need for Speed Most Wanted gameplay is way beyond Paradise

It’s pretty rare to find a game trailer (trust us, we watch about a dozen every day) that enraptures your attention with gameplay footage alone. Normally it takes something like the all-CG, but undeniably awesome Planetside 2 trailer (opens in new tab) we posted yesterday. But Criterion’s games are so intense and awesome they can subsist on their own merits.

True story, the sound in this trailer is so sweet that we just left it on in the background while we posted this. The sweet sounds of revving engines and crashing cop cars brings us back to epic memories from the days of Burnout 3, Burnout Paradise, and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – also known as the three top reasons why we have absolute faith that Criterion will succeed again with Most Wanted. When was the last time Criterion made a bad game? You could make a case for Black, but even that radical departure (it was an FPS from a racing dev) was still fairly good.

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