Best Power Rangers comics of all time

We’re in the dawn of a new era for Power Rangers, as the franchise is getting a massive tv/film reboot a la the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But that’s not all, as Boom! Studios’ long-running Power Rangers comic book titles are relaunching with new series beginning this month.

Boom!’s Power Rangers comic books have been a hotbed of creativity for the franchise; in the past five years it has published multiple series, crossed over with the likes of the Justice League and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and even coined a dynamic alternate universe – and an alt-reality evil Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger called Lord Drakkon who has become a breakout star.

With big things ahead, we’re looking back on the best Power Rangers comics thus far – for new and old fans alike.

Shattered Grid

Power Rangers

(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

The 2018 comic book event ‘Shattered Grid’ (opens in new tab) is the franchise’s biggest Power Rangers crossover event to date (in comics, TV, or film), featuring every current incarnation of Power Ranger teams.

The event begins when Lord Drakkon, an evil alternate future version of Green Ranger Tommy Oliver, attempts to conquer every Power Ranger that ever existed by using the power of the Morphin Grid – the cross-continuity, multiversal energy field that powers all of the Power Rangers and allows them to morph.

As a former Power Ranger himself, Lord Drakkon knows the strength and weaknesses of all of the Power Rangers – and even knows how to subvert their morphers and rob them of their powers. That forces all of the various teams (including a few surprises for even ardent fans) to unite together and rise against Drakkon and his army.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Power Rangers

(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

This standalone limited series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (opens in new tab) begins when Tommy Oliver infiltrates the evil ninja clan the Foot, and inadvertently gets the attention of the Turtles. That in turn, brings in Tommy’s reinforcements: his fellow Rangers.

When the two squads finally face off, what happens is nothing short of awesome for fans of both franchises. Artists Simone de Meo and Alessio Zenio seamlessly blend the Ninja Turtles’ nitty-gritty settings with the bright and colorful tones the Power Rangers are known for. 

Although they have wildly different fighting styles, the Power Rangers and the TMNT eventually come to terms and realize they have a common enemy to fight against. 

By combining the strength of two of the most popular ’90s franchises, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover is chock-full of amazing action, laughs, and fun.

Justice League/Power Rangers

Power Rangers

(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

Another standalone limited series, Justice League/Power Rangers (opens in new tab) kicks off when one of the Power Rangers is accidentally transported into the DC Universe. When the other Rangers go after them, they have an epic and hilarious first encounter with the Justice League. 

Of course, the heroes are not the only ones from the two universes to meet up; once the Rangers and Justice League’s respective villains collaborate, both heroic teams must learn to work together to save their worlds.

While you’d think a team-up like this wouldn’t work, both the Power Rangers and Justice League’s mutual interest in superheroics make for some amusing and fun interactions. Both teams express confusion and awe at each other’s skillsets and eventually develop respect for each other as the story progresses. However, the enemies they face are big enough to threaten both sets of heroes’ worlds.

Power Rangers: The Psycho Path

Power Rangers

(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

After nearly two decades, a cult-favorite set of Power Rangers get their due in Boom! Studios’ Power Rangers: The Psycho Path (opens in new tab).

In a 1998 arc from the TV series Power Rangers In Space, the villain Astronema created evil versions of the Power Rangers called Psycho Rangers – and they, in turn, proved a major thorn in the side for the team. Now years later, Astronema has reformed herself into a Power Ranger by the name of Karone – and attempts to reform her Psycho Rangers as well.

A notable aspect of this series is how Karone grapples with her past intentions for the Psycho Rangers, and how it contrasts with her hopes for them now – not to mention how the Power Rangers feel about what she is trying to do (especially her brother, Andros/Red Ranger).

Yet, the most intriguing point of view besides Karone is that of the Psycho Rangers themselves. While some go along with Karone’s intentions, others are reluctant to do so. All of these conflicts clash in and out of battle as the Psycho Rangers try to redetermine their purpose and choose their own destiny.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink

Power Rangers

(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

If the Pink Ranger was your favorite Power Ranger growing up, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink (opens in new tab) is for you.

The original Pink Power Ranger Kimberly Hart returns to her iconic role in an attempt to rescue her step-mom. In this limited series, there is a ton of action and adventure with some beautiful scenes between family and friends as Kimberly learns to appreciate her old life as a Power Ranger and her current life as an ordinary person. 

If you think that the Pink Ranger can’t hold her own, think again. Kimberly Hart uses her gymnastic skills, her survival instincts, and her archery abilities to defend herself even before she gets her morpher back. Once she does become the Pink Ranger again, things get even better as she gains the help of some old allies and some surprising new ones.

Go, Go Power Rangers: Volume 1

Power Rangers

(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

The Go Go Power Rangers (opens in new tab) series focused on the original team’s very first year as Rangers, and their earliest battles against Rita Repulsa. It opens with the heroes recounting the first time they formed the Megazord, and the flood of emotions that came with it. 

Over the course of the first arc, the Go Go Power Rangers series fleshes out the world you witnessed in the TV show, explaining how they keep their identities secret from the government and media, and also how they mitigate the impact of the Rangers’ battles with civilians.

With this series essentially being Power Rangers: Year One, readers can see these iconic heroes back when they were still wet behind the ears when it comes to their abilities, and still learning about their powers – and each other, with some big moments of teen drama.

It’s admirable to see Yellow Ranger Trini slowly face her fear of heights and Blue Ranger Billy doubt himself while fighting. As such, this book is the perfect jumping-on point for Power Rangers fans young and old.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 3 and 4

Power Rangers

(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

Over the course of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers volume 3 (opens in new tab) and volume 4 (opens in new tab), the biggest modern character (and new villain) in Power Rangers history is introduced: Lord Drakkon.

Before growing to his heights as seen in the aforementioned ‘Shattered Grid’ event, the evil alt-reality Green Ranger Tommy Oliver is introduced here. He hails from an alternate dimension in which Tommy didn’t join the Power Rangers, and remained loyal to Rita Repulsa. When Lord Drakkon makes every morpher except Tommy’s useless, the Rangers must battle him through a pretty creative use of the Green Rangers’ abilities. 

On top of that, two of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers accidentally get sent to Lord Drakkon’s alternate dimension where he and Rita Repulsa bested their Power Rangers there. In this strange new world, our two Power Rangers refugees must join forces with a group of freedom fighters in order to battle Drakkon and find their way back home. 

In addition to introducing a major new villain, this evil Tommy Oliver works to add new depth to the main universe’s Tommy Oliver. It also works to introduce cooler versions of a few other Rangers (and some other characters) from Drakkon’s alternate universe. 

Go Go Power Rangers: Back To School

Power Rangers

(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

The title of this – Go Go Power Rangers: Back To School (opens in new tab)– is a bit of a misnomer, as it actually deals with what the Rangers did over Spring Break. In this arc, each Ranger gets their own individual story that varies from volunteer work to rescuing horses. While there isn’t a lot of action, each Ranger’s story gives you a glimpse of their personal lives. 

For example, Black Ranger Zack helps his brother Benjamin at his congressional aide job and ends up getting a bill approved that would cover insurance and property damage caused by Rita Repulsa’s monsters and the Power Rangers. 

Another story involves Blue Ranger Billy honing his public speaking skills and helping a girl from Syria named Nazik Al Khoury with her own speech. 

These down to earth stories might be a bit preachy, but they show readers that the Rangers can help people without using their super abilities.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer

Power Rangers

(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

The standalone one-shot Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer (opens in new tab) follows the ‘Beyond the Grid’ and ‘Necessary Evil’ arc, focusing on an alternate reality Pink Ranger (Kimberly Hart) who had become known as Ranger Slayer due to serving as the brainwashed enforcer of Lord Drakkon in his universe.

In this, she returns to that universe after his defeat and looks for a bit of redemption in the eyes of the people, and for herself. Of course, this road to redemption isn’t easy, as literal and metaphorical ghosts abound, and evil forces battle for control in Lord Drakkon’s absence. 

Artist Dan Mora, colorist Raúl Angulo, and letterer Ed Dukeshire enhance the storyline by combining the lucid colors associated with the Power Rangers and a serious color palette that suits the threats of the world. 

This comic is also easy to follow even if you’ve never read a Power Rangers comic.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volume 1 & 2

Power Rangers

(Image credit: Boom! Studios)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volume 1 (opens in new tab) and Volume 2 (opens in new tab) follows Tommy Oliver on his road to redemption after defecting from Rita Repulse and joining the Power Rangers.

Tommy Oliver carries tremendous self-doubt about his potential to be a hero, all the while suffering from hallucinations from his time working for Rita Repulsa.

These two volumes also set the stage for Lord Drakkon’s eventual debut, by having him begin to initiate contact with Rita and threaten the Power Rangers by sending the Black Dragon Megazord.

Seeing the other Rangers adjust to Tommy joining their team is enjoyable because you get more intimate and realistic scenes of friendship that aren’t seen in the original television series. It also bridges the gap between the television series and the comic book universe by paying homage while telling an original story that gets more mature as the series progresses.

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