PSA: People are already accidentally smashing their monitors playing Nintendo Switch Sports

It’s only taken 24 hours, but already someone has smashed their TV whilst live streaming Nintendo Switch Sports.

The dubious honor goes to 63man (opens in new tab) (thanks, VGC (opens in new tab)), who was happily enjoying a game of tennis doubles when the Joy-Con flew out of his hand and smashed straight into his TV. 

We know this because, after the accident, 63man kindly turned the camera around to show us the damage he’d caused with an ill-timed flick of his wrist.

streamer_destroys_monitor_playing_switch_sports from r/LivestreamFail

He’s not alone, either. Northerlion made a similar mistake (opens in new tab) when playing to his livestream audience, too, although he managed to escape with just a bruised arm rather than a busted monitor.

The moral of these cautionary tales? Always use your Joy-Con straps! Man, it’s like 2006 and Wii Sports all over again…

We found out in February that Nintendo Switch Sports was reviving the Wii Sports series (opens in new tab), and Nintendo even gave us a chance to try it ahead of release via an online playtest. 

Nintendo Switch Sports brings back three classic games from Wii Sports – tennis, bowling, and chambara – and ups the ante with some giant soccer, as well as badminton and volleyball, albeit not with giant balls. It leans into the gyro capabilities of the Joy-Con controllers just like its Wii Sports predecessor, with some interesting overlap with the Nintendo Ring Fit control scheme such as using the leg strap to simulate kicking soccer balls.

“Switch Sports’ entire success really does hinge on your access to other players, which is why the online mode being worthwhile is so important,” Sam said in the GamesRadar+ Nintendo Switch Sports review (opens in new tab), in which she awarded the game 4 stars out of 5. 

“While Switch Sports is fun for a while solo, it lacks incentives to carry on playing beyond just enjoying yourself, and the lack of variety in the locations you play in doesn’t help. It’s just one locale, the visually impressive Spocco Park. If you’ve got friends to play with of course – either locally or online – the enjoyment increases tenfold. It really is a social game through and through.”

Here’s our pick of the best Nintendo Switch games (opens in new tab).

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