NVIDIA Fortnite trailer shows off new graphics powered by ray tracing

A new cinematic trailer published by NVIDIA GeForce shows off the power of ray tracing in Fortnite

The trailer gives players a look at a wide variety of scenery and characters, all outfitted with shiny new graphical capabilities that bring the world of Fortnite to life in a whole new way. Fans can look forward to changes in buildings, character models, and even the surface of the water with the new additions.

On top of that, this sparkly slice of action gives players a new look at beaches at sunset, close-up character details, and vehicles and assets newly outfitted with ray tracing technology to make them really pop. 

NVIDIA will allow players to experience Fortnite “in a new light” with global illumination, ray-traced shadows and ambient occlusion. Players who want to take advantage of the new graphics will have to get a GPU that can take on the load, and NVIDIA plans to sell new RTX cards, which are among some of the best graphics cards, to allow players to better handle the additions. 

With the ability to support ray tracing, Fortnite joins big-name titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 in taking the next step in improving their graphical capabilities. Fans hoping to enjoy the new look will, of course, have to pick up a graphics card that can carry the weight. If you’re upgrading your consoles, don’t worry, you can found out here what the Fortnite PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades are. 

There are jetpacks and bonus challenges abound in the new Fortnite patch notes. Get all the details now. 

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