Jersey Shore gear adds class to Xbox Live Avatar Store

Now you too can represent everything that’s wrong (and/or effin’ awesome!) with Western culture with the purchase of Jersey Shore Xbox Live avatar gear. Released to celebrate the hit reality show’s 4th season premiere, the selection includes clothing and accessories inspired by the Jersey Shore cast, and are available in douche, ‘steroid abuse’, ‘fame whore’ and ‘daddy issue’ colors.

Jersey Shore, for the snobs that don’t pretend to know, is an MTV reality show that follows eight extremely stereotypical Italian-Americans as they drink, smush, fight and cry their way throughsummer while living together invarious tourist hotspots such as the New Jersey beach area for which the show was originally named. The Xbox Live Jersey Shore collection features seven items to choose from including The Situation Abs, Snooki Hair, aJersey ShoreTank Top, JWOWW Hoop Earrings, and two pairs of stylish glasses. What? Where’s the stick that was up Angela’s ass for all season one and two? Er…I mean…who watches this junk?

Dressing up like your favorite Jersey Shore cast member will set you back 160 Microsoft Points (US$2) per item, except for the tank top which is 80 MPs (US$1). The collection represents a fraction of the cast and possible references, so it’s a safe bet more items will be released as the show continues to be renewed well into the 22nd century (Jersey Show in Space, anyone?).

Aug 5, 2011

Source:Xbox Live Marketplace (opens in new tab)

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