Post office puzzler KeyWe lets you dress your kiwi birds up as a cassowary or an old man

Adorable post-themed puzzler KeyWe showed off some brand new gameplay during the Future Games Show powered by AMD.

KeyWe puts you and a friend in charge of your local post office, tasking you with working together to solve its mail-related puzzles. The twist, however, is that rather than playing as human beings, the stars of the show are Jeff and Debra, a pair of Kiwi birds who have to use their beaks and butts to complete a whole host of different tasks in different parts of the building, all to make sure the mail gets sent on time.

The beginning of the trailer outlines the various cosmetics that Jeff and Debra will be able to kit themselves out in, from astronaut gear to a new tropical color scheme. There’s also an early bird pack available for pre-order customers, with special gear inspired by some of the critters (and humans) who join you in your excursions around the post office.

While the majority of KeyWe puts you in control of some pretty standard levers and dials, the pre-order bonus also shows off the Experimental Postal Pack, which provides a few new ways to play; with the packs equipped on their backs, Jeff and Debra have to collect static charges scattered around the post office, single out magnetic disturbances, or perform their duties while dodging menacing singularities.

KeyWe is set to release on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on August 31, and you can wishlist it on Steam right now. You’ll get both the cosmetic and gameplay bonuses if you pre-order.

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