Elden Ring player combines a weapon with an art to become Darth Maul

An Elden Ring player has discovered a weapon upgrade that turns them into Darth Maul. Non-canonically.

Earlier today, the Elden Ring subreddit post below gained plenty of traction. The post demonstrates a player combining the Twinblade weapon with the Bloodflame Blade weapon art, which causes their weapon’s two blades to light up a bright red while rapidly spinning round, just as the saber of The Phantom Menace’s villain would.

It’s all done in jest, but this weapon and art combination actually looks deadly. The fact that the weapon strikes rapidly, building up blood-loss damage for every hit it delivers, is a stroke of genius – and should result in massive damage dealt to stronger foes in next to no time.

This is definitely one of the best and brightest creations we’ve discovered in the Elden Ring community so far. We’ve already seen the game’s players kill a boss they’re not meant to and create a mod that lets you pause the game, while Elden Ring’s launch resulted in a four-day weekend for one Japanese company. Now that’s dedication.

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