GTA remastered trilogy reportedly set for November release

Update: The GTA remastered trilogy is reportedly planned for release in November.

According to Kotaku (opens in new tab), “plans around these remastered GTA games had shifted and changed quite a lot over the last year. Originally, the plan was to release them in October or early November.” However, Kotaku now suggests that Rockstar’s plans have shifted again, and that the developer is planning to release the trilogy in November.

There’s still no word from Rockstar or 2K to even confirm the existence of the trilogy, let alone a release window, but the project’s appearance on the Korean game rating board yesterday suggests an announcement could be imminent.

Original story: The rumored GTA remastered trilogy has just surfaced through a listing on a Korean ratings board.

The filing for the GTA remastered trilogy appears to have only just been filed on the Korean ratings board (opens in new tab) earlier today on September 30. The actual listing by the ratings board doesn’t give away any information about the remastered trilogy whatsoever, but the rating applied to the package indicates that it’s “not for youths,” which is hardly surprising.

Rumors of a GTA remastered trilogy have been circling since early in 2021, but have really picked up steam over the past two months or so. In mid-August, Kotaku reported that the GTA remastered trilogy would be arriving on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch at some point before the end of this year.

Fast forward a month and a half, and there’s still no official confirmation of the remastered package from publisher Take-Two Interactive, or original developer Rockstar Games. If the remastered GTA trilogy is indeed still launching this year, then the publisher and developer is certainly leaving things pretty late. However, shortly after the original Kotaku report, a renowned leaker claimed that the remastered trilogy would instead be launching at some point next year in 2022.

Either way, it doesn’t seem as though we’ll have too long to wait until the GTA remastered trilogy is finally revealed by Take-Two and Rockstar. While you’re waiting for the remastered versions of some classic GTA games to drop though, you can check out our ranking of the best GTA games from Rockstar.

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