Rumoured GTA Remastered Trilogy could release “sometime in 2022” according to leaker

The rumoured GTA Remastered Trilogy may not release until next year, according to leaker Tom Henderson.

In a recent tweet, Henderson said that he was not originally planning to reveal information about the trilogy “because everything I’ve heard has been covered.” He does state, however, that the 2021 release window mentioned in a Kotaku report (opens in new tab) on the remasters doesn’t match up with what he’s heard, and that he expects the trilogy to arrive “sometime in 2022.”

Kotaku suggests that the Remastered Collection – said to be made up of GTA III, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas – is being developed by Rockstar Dundee, which previously worked on Halo: The Master Chief Collection. 

The trilogy was originally expected to be bundled with GTA V ‘Expanded & Enhanced’ Edition, but changing plans have potentially led to a standalone release that was planned to arrive earlier this year. 

Now, further disruption seems to have lead to an internal delay – Kotaku states that the launch is planned “around late October or early November,” while Henderson seems to think we’ll be waiting a few more months. Kotaku’s report states that Rockstar’s focus is on the console ports, which could mean mobile and PC versions are pushed to 2022 while PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch releases arrive in this Fall.

Henderson is arguably best known for his coverage of Battlefield and Call of Duty, but has recently been speaking more often about the future of Grand Theft Auto. Earlier this year, he claimed that GTA 6 would be sticking with a modern-day setting, and last month suggested that the game might not arrive until 2025 in a report corroborated by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier.

Rockstar is yet to officially confirm the existence of a remastered trilogy, but rumors have been amassing since the beginning of the year. With the 20th anniversary of GTA III coming in October, there’s a chance that the developer has some kind of surprise drop planned, but until we get word from either Rockstar or 2K, the trilogy remains little more than a rumor.

If it does arrive this year, the trilogy will be a worthy addition to our list of new games 2021.

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