Former Ghostwire: Tokyo creative director Ikumi Nakamura announces new game studio Unseen

Ikumi Nakamura has announced she has opened her own game studio called UNSEEN via a cinematic trailer uploaded to YouTube. 

In the video (opens in new tab), Nakamura can be seen walking through scenic areas in Japan recounting her career, life during the pandemic, and the future of UNSEEN. “When the pandemic struck, my worldview changed” Nakamura recalls, “I was concerned how the changes in the world, in addition to becoming a mother, would alter the creator within.”

“In the end, I needn’t have worried,” Nakamura adds, “underneath, I’m still the same creator I’ve always been.” The video game developer has previously worked at Capcom, PlatinumGames, and Tango Gameworks where she helped to develop a number of projects including Okami, Bayonetta, The Evil Within, its sequel, and Ghostwire: Tokyo before going on to create her own studio this year. 

Nakamura also mentioned her appearance during Bethesda’s (Tango Gameworks parent company) 2019 E3 presentation in the video where she introduced Ghostwire: Tokyo to the world and charmed everyone with her excitement towards the game and gaming event. In the video, Nakamura says: “I am a game creator. Fortunately, many people know me because of my spotlight at E3.” 

Not much is known about the studio as of yet, just that it is based in Tokyo and is made up of staff from various backgrounds including former Ubisoft, Capcom, and Moon Studios employees. According to the statement released by UNSEEN, “The Tokyo studio acts as a terminal, a place where different cultures intersect and a hub for artists to gather. Our aim is to transcend beyond the realm of video games.”

Discussing the new team in the video, Nakamura explains: “I’m building a team in a way I’ve never experienced before. Working and learning with this amazing group of talent raises the bar for all of us.” You can keep up with Ikuma Nakamura and the rest of UNSEEN through the studio’s Twitter account. (opens in new tab)

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