Animal Crossing: New Horizons recreates Squid Game subway scene

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has recreated the subway station scene from Squid Game on their island. 

Originally shared in the Animal Crossing subreddit (opens in new tab), one islander has recreated the subway station seen in the first episode of Netflix’s hit series Squid Game. This recreation comes complete with the mysterious man hosting the game – played by actor Gong Yoo – and desperate participant Seong Gi-hun – played by Lee Jung-jae in the series. 

In the scene, the nameless guy in a suit approaches Gi-hun whilst he is waiting for a train and asks him if he wants to play a game of Ddakji, which requires players to flip their opponent’s tile over by throwing their own paper tile at it. 

Those who have already seen Squid Game will already know that this isn’t an easy task for Gi-hun who ends up being slapped around the face several times for failing to do so. This then leads to Gi-hun taking part in the deadly Squid Game but we’ll let those who haven’t seen the series find out what happens after this on their own. 

What’s impressive about this recreation is how accurate everything is. Not only does the train station look incredibly close to the real thing but the characters are both dressed almost identically to their TV counterparts. What truly makes this set of screenshots though is how the creator has posed both islanders using different in-game reactions. Unfortunately in this case though, there is no slap across the face reaction to complete the total disrespect.

This isn’t the first time video game fans have decided to blend Squid Game with their favorite game as a tonne of Roblox players have also recreated Squid Game’s iconic scenes in the game. It’s no surprise really, considering the South Korean Netflix series has become insanely popular since its release last month. In fact, Squid Game is on track to becoming Netflix’s biggest show ever after consistently sitting at the top of the streaming charts since its release just a few weeks ago. 

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