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Fantasy Life is a quintessential Level 5 game mixing combat, questing, adorable character design and quirky environments to create an RPG that is entirely unique in both style and substance.

Both your skill set and the world around you will evolve as you progress further into the story and unlock bonus features, and this extends to the items you can craft in the various Lifes and the stock held by shopkeepers scattered throughout the world.

You’ll need to keep tabs on the inventory of the shops for crafting challenges and quests from the citizens of Riveria, but who can remember all of that? Us, that’s who. Below you’ll find the items and their prices for all of the shops and salesmen of Riveria.

Achieving Master rank across the 12 Lifes and unlocking Bliss bonuses pertaining to the stores in the different towns will greatly expand the range of goods on offer, but we’ll indicate these items on the list in case you’re wondering why some of them are missing from your stores.

You’ll also find that some items aren’t available for purchase at all and can only be acquired through bounties or resource gathering as a miner or woodcutter. So if you were planning on sticking to a handful of Lifes only, make sure these are on your list. Alternatively, you can find someone who’s nice enough to trade with you using the online features.

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