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Best Xbox 360 games of all time

The best Xbox 360 games showcase just how many memorable and fantastic titles found a home on Microsoft’s console. To say the Xbox 360 was a huge success is no exaggeration. After first launching in 2005, the console went on to see close 90 million units, with an extensive library …

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How to beat the Covetous Demon in Dark Souls 2

What the?! How did Jabba the Hutt get in Dark Souls 2? This boss shouldn’t pose much of a threat, especially for ranged players. If you’re melee, just run up, smack him a few times, and watch out for his body slams. His attack tells are pretty long, so you …

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How to beat Prowling Magus and the Congregation in Dark Souls 2

This boss encounter isn’t terribly difficult – the trick is to avoid letting all the mobs overwhelm you. When you first enter the church-like arena, a bunch of zombies crawl and shamble toward you. You’ll notice three slightly larger enemies; two of them shoot difficult-to-avoid lightning bolts, while the third, …

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