Dragon Age II DLC includes new weapons and wardrobes for all classes

BioWare has released its first batch of post-launch DLC for Dragon Age II. Available now wherever online goods are sold, Champions of Kirkwall can lay down a few bucks for item packs tailored to each of the three main classes.

The DLC is called the Dragon Age II Item Pack #1 and includes grab bags for Rogues (opens in new tab), Mages (opens in new tab) and Warriors (opens in new tab). Each contain 12 to 14 pieces of armor, weapons, rings and other useful goodies which can be equipped by both main characters and their followers. A quick scan of the item stats listed on the Dragon Age Wiki suggests the packs are geared towards mid-level characters, making them ideal for players on a second run-through, or those don’t mind sacrificing a little skill for style.

Above:A new look for Rogues, Mages and Warriors (isn’t that Dr.Doom in the middle?)

The packs can be bought individually or as a package deal. They currently run for 240 BioWare/Microsoft Points each (400 for all three) for Xbox 360 and PC/MAC, and $2.99 each ($4.99 for all) for PS3. For obvious reasons %26ndash; or reasons that should be obvious to anyone who has tried logging in to PSN over the past week – Champions of the PS3 will have to wait until Sony gets its house in order to partake in the new content. In related news: screw you, hackers.

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Apr 28, 2011

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