Diablo III Easter Eggs – Cows, Tristram over the years, and Whimsyshire

Diablo III has been in development for a long, long time. This lengthy development time gave Blizzard a chance to assure that the title had the most polish possible, as well as allowing it to cram every nook and cranny with awesome secrets and Easter Eggs. Since it has only been out for about a week we’ve just begun scratching the surface, but we think we’ve found enough goodies to justify shoving them into a video and explaining why they’re awesome.

What did we find? A bunch of stuff, including some nice examples of how much of a difference nearly two decades of games can make. Oh, and be sure to stick around all the way to the end to see how an old friend from Diablo II is holding up!

If you want more information on Whimsyshire, the secret world mentioned in the video, you can click here. You can also swing over to our Diablo III review to get our verdict on the highly anticipated release.

And if you have any Easter Eggs of your own that you want to show off or have us feature in an upcoming video, just shoot an email to submit@gamesadar.com and we’ll be sure to credit you if we end up using it!

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