See Dead Rising 3s ultimate combo weapon kill 650 zombies in one go

What do you get if you combine an RPG, a propane tank, a grenade, a gasoline canister, a microwave and a laptop? Well, you’d end up with a dangerously volatile pile of junk you madman, but in the world of Dead Rising 3 you can cobble all these elements together to make the most powerful combo weapon in Los Perdidos.

If you’ve collected the other four bomb blueprints (Big, Bigger, Huge, Enormous) during the course of the story, then completing the game awards you with plans to build the Massive Bomb–a tactical nuke so destructive that it’ll not only wipe out every zombie within a city block radius, but also literally take the shirt off your back! We used it to incinerate over 650 of the undead in a single destructive blast, which you can see for yourself right here.

If you want to construct the Massive Bomb or any of the other combo weapons, make sure you visit our Dead Rising 3 complete combo weapon guide for the locations of all 101 blueprints.

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