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The best Xbox One games of all time

The best Xbox One games are the must-see highlights from the last generation of Xbox consoles, but thankfully they live on with the Xbox Series X and on PC too. there’s a wide range of games that feature in this list, and they’re hand-p[ioced to ensure that you’re going to …

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The best free Xbox One games

Let’s be honest, the best free Xbox One games are some of the biggest experiences in the entire industry. Whether it’s battle royales like Fortnite and PUBG, arena shooters like Halo Infinite, fighting games like Dead of Alive 5 and Killer Instinct, or creation tools like Roblox – there’s a …

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Xbox CMOS battery issue fix is being worked on

Xbox is pledging to look into consoles continuing to run after the internal CMOS battery eventually dies. Earlier this year, it was reported that an issue with the PS4 and PS5’s internal CMOS battery could one day render the consoles unplayable, when the battery inevitably dies. In the following months …

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