Dominic Cooper keen on Agent Carter comeback

With the rumours surrounding a possible Agent Carter TV series continuing to spread (albeit without any official confirmation from Marvel), Dominic Cooper has been talking about the possibility of reprising his role as Howard Stark.

We already knew that Hayley Atwell was keen on a spin-off series for the feisty heroine, but it sounds as though Cooper would be equally enthusiastic about the potential project.

“I saw Hayley Atwell recently and she mentioned the whole idea of the Carter thing since the short,” says Cooper. “So yeah, any way that Stark could make a comeback I’d be well up for it.”

“He’s a really fun character to play and he’s so influential in the backbone of what they become. So I love being part of it and they’re an incredible group of people to be working with. They’re making some extraordinary stuff.”

With every other comic-book franchise seeming to be made into a TV show, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that Marvel decides to press ahead with this one. Consider us Team Peggy…

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