Xbox Series X/S outsold PS5 last month for the first time ever

Xbox Series X|S outsold PS5 for the first time ever in Europe last month.

That’s according to the latest GSD market report, as first reported earlier today by (opens in new tab). Although hardware sales were down by a grand total of 44% when comparing February 2022 to the same month last year, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S finally outsold PS5 in Europe over the entire month, chiefly due to the latter’s ongoing stock issues.

According to the report, it’s actually the availability of the Xbox Series S, not the Xbox Series X, that contributed to both new-gen Xbox systems outselling the PS5 for the first time ever. It would seem that while the PS5 is still pretty hard to come by, so too is the Xbox Series X, so the cheaper Series S has stepped in to fill the gap in the market left by the two more expensive machines.

It’s worth noting however that all three new-gen consoles were beaten out by the Nintendo Switch in February 2022. The new-gen consoles might be the hot new thing on the market right now, over 16 months after launch in November 2020, but it’s still Nintendo’s 2017 handheld console which is comfortably outselling all three new-gen systems from Xbox and PlayStation.

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