Best Steam Deck dock: top options ahead of the official models release

As Valve’s official model hasn’t surfaced yet, we’ve rounded up all the best Steam Deck dock alternatives that are available right now. The hardware manufacturer recently announced (opens in new tab) that their specifically designed unit has once again been delayed as of earlier this month citing parts shortages due to the ongoing pandemic. The company itself though advocates for docked experiences through the USB-C port and that’s what we’re here to provide you with, so you can take the action to the big screen in the meantime. 

Taking Valve’s officially published schematics into consideration, the proposed Steam Deck dock will feature a single DisplayPort and HDMI video out, as well as USB-C for charging and power delivery. Other connectivity options include 3x USB Type-A and an Ethernet port, for your peripherals and wired internet respectively. We’ve taken these plans as our blueprint for what constitutes one of the best Steam Deck dock options that you can utilize right now, as there is no received word as to when the company’s in-house station will be available at the time of writing. 

Should you want to use your Steam Deck as a docked gaming PC, then it’s important to remember you will need a USB-C docking station and not a USB-C hub. The difference might not seem too significant, however, the former allows for power delivery and the latter does not. In order to use your Steam Deck properly in this state, you will need a minimum of 45W power delivery through that USB-C port. Fortunately, every model in our buying guide adheres to this condition, so you’ve got options for both budget and higher-end end in all form factors and price ranges for your consideration. 

Steam Deck Dock Schematic - Valve

(Image credit: Valve)

Best Steam Deck dock in 2022

Wavlink USB C Docking Station

(Image credit: Wavlink)

1. Wavlink 13 in 1 Multiport

The best overall Steam Deck dock


Video output: 2x HDMI; DisplayPortPorts: 1x USB 2.0; 2x USB 3.0; SD; MicroSD; 3.5mm jackPower delivery: 87W

Reasons to buy

+DisplayPort and HDMI support +87W power delivery +All contemporary ports included

Reasons to avoid

-HDMI is limited to 4K30

The biggest advantage of the Wavlink 13 in 1 Multiport USB C docking station over some others in our roundup is the inclusion of DisplayPort as well as HDMI. The former means that you can output at a maximum of 4K60, but also means that you will have far greater compatibility with monitors featuring a sharper picture quality. DisplayPort may play better with some gaming monitors in general as even an older form of the input can provide noticeable improvements over the likes of HDMI connections thanks to a far higher data bit rate. 

This model also features 4x USB 3.0 ports for high-speed connections of your peripherals and any data drives that you may have to hand. Priced at $64.99 / £59.99, the Wavlink 13 in 1 Multiport is one of the more affordable options on the market and offers everything that you could need out of a Steam Deck dock ahead of the official release date. 

Ugreen USB C docking station

(Image credit: Ugreen)

2. UGreen USB-C Multiport Adapter

The best budget Steam Deck dock


Video out: HDMIPorts: Ethernet, MicroSD, SD, 3.5mm, VGA, USB-A, USB-CPower delivered: 100W

Reasons to buy

+Small form factor +100W power delivery +Supports Gigabit Ethernet

Reasons to avoid

-No DisplayPort

Priced at $49.99 / £52.99, the UGreen USB C docking station features all the essential ports and video output options needed to bring the Steam Deck onto the big screen, with the one major omission being DisplayPort. Instead, you’ve got one HDMI 2.0 port, which will suffice for most gaming monitors with up to 4K60. 

The biggest strength of the UGreen USB C docking station is the 100W power delivery which is more than enough to keep the Steam Deck juiced up for many hours without losing battery. What’s more, there are 3x USB-A ports which can accommodate all your peripherals, as well as USB storage solutions, too, should you exceed the microSD capacity.

Anker 575 USB-C docking station

(Image credit: Anker)

3. Anker 575 Docking Station

The best premium Steam Deck dock


Video outputs: 2x HDMI 2.0, 1x DisplayPort Ports : 3x USB-A; 3x USB-C, Ethernet, MicroSD / SD; 3.5mm jackPower delivery: 85W

Reasons to buy

+Available in both the US and the UK+85W charging via USB C+All the ports you need

Reasons to avoid

-Less portable than other options

For those that have a little more in their pockets to burn, the Anker 575 is a premium USB-C docking station that features all the ports and power delivery needed for your Steam Deck. Priced at $279.99 / £299.99, it’s far from the cheapest option you can rig your portable PC up to, however, given that this model features everything you would typically find on rear and front I/O, the Anker justifies its asking price. 

More specifically, there’s 85W power delivery through USB-C, which is more than enough for stable performance from Steam Deck when docked for long periods of time. You’ve got 2x HDMI 2.0 ports, supporting up to 4K60, as well as DisplayPort 1.4 for as many options for hooking up to monitors / TVs as you need, too. 

Anker USB C Hub PowerExpand 6-in-1

(Image credit: Anker)

4. Anker PowerExpand 6-in-1

The best small form factor Steam Deck dock


Video output: HDMIPorts: 2x USB 3.0; 1x USB-C (data); 1x USB-C (PD); EthernetPower delivery: 65W

Reasons to buy

+65W power delivery +Small form factor +Ethernet port included

Reasons to avoid

-No DisplayPort

The Anker PowerExpand 6-in-1 keeps things simple and lightweight all in a small, slimline package for easy portability. This unit features everything you need for a Steam Deck dock setup, including 65W power delivery, Ethernet, 2x USB-A, and HDMI support, too. There’s also a standalone USB-C port for data transfer as well as power delivery, too, meaning you can utilize one of the best external hard drives without having to give up that crucial slot. 

Impressively enough for a USB hub of this size is that LAN port, which supports Gigabit for consistent internet connections far exceeding the stability of what WiFi can offer. This means you won’t be far from a stable connection as long as you’ve got a lead nearby. 

j5create usb c docking station

(Image credit: j5create)

5. j5create USB C Docking Station

The best wedge design Steam Deck dock


Video output: HDMIPorts: 3x USB 3.0; MicroSD; SD; Ethernet; 3.5mm jack; USB-C (PD)Power delivery: 100W

Reasons to buy

+100W power delivery +Rubberized wedge design on top+Cable management

Reasons to avoid

-Limited to one HDMI port

The j5create USB C Docking Station keeps things simple and straightforward with its selection of ports which are aligned in a linear fashion in a row along with the wedge-like flat design. 

The sleek rubberized surface makes the j5create USB C docking station an ideal choice for propping your Steam Deck on top without fear of falling over or slipping around. Plus, with 100W power delivery, far above the minimum of 45W, you can keep gaming without having to keep an eye on your battery life. 

Form factor aside, all the ports that you would hope to find for your Steam Deck are accounted for here. There are no outdated or unnecessary inputs with this device, which we would otherwise typically see with models in the $80 range. This results in a sleek hot bar of what’s vital for your setup, especially the 3x USB 3.0 for all your gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, and gaming headset needs.   

Steam Deck Dock

(Image credit: Valve)

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