Capcom wants you to fight its developers at Capcom Fighting Collection

Capcom is running a campaign where you can battle its staff at the Capcom Fighting Collection.

Slated to launch later this week, Capcom Fighting Collection boasts ten of the company’s most popular arcade battle games, complete with online functions. Those who purchase the new game via Capcom’s Japanese storefront (opens in new tab), and fill out an online application, and will be entered in to win a spot to play against the collection’s producer, Kana Urasawa.

【イーカプコン購入者限定企画】『カプコン ファイティング コレクション』プロデューサーとオンライン対戦できる! キャンペーンを実施中です。こちらからぜひご応募ください!カプコンFC 21, 2022

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The spots are incredibly limited for the winners though – just 10 people will be chosen to play against Urasawa. The deadline for filling in the form after you’ve purchased the Capcom Fighting Collection is next week on June 30, and the winning 10 players will be announced and contacted the following day on July 1.

The online matches with the producing duo will then take place the following week on Friday, July 8. All the matches will be scheduled between 8 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Japanese time, and it’s worth noting there’s small print on the E-Capcom website revealing the matches will actually be livestreamed. 

Fun fact: before working at Capcom in a development role, Urasawa was actually the official model for Chun-Li, and would dress up as the character to play Street Fighter 2 and promote the sequel at events in Japan in the 1990s. One new millennium later, and Urasawa now has countless production and e-commerce credits at Capcom to her name. 

Capcom Fighting Collection launches later this week on June 24, and will be releasing across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms simultaneously. 

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