Sleeping Dogs Halloween DLC gets details, trailer

Horror comes to Hong Kong in Sleeping Dogs’ first story-driven DLC, and it’s up to Wei Shen to stop the supernatural monstrosities and their vengeful leader. Square Enix today fully unveiled the Nightmare at North Point add-on pack, which will unleash several new missions and weapons inspired by Chinese mythological monsters (and cheesy horror movies) across the metropolis.

No price was announced for the pack, though co-developers United Front Games and Square Enix London studios gave an October 30 release date at a New York Comic Con panel earlier this week, according to Polygon.

Wei Shen will battle Jiang Shi (you know, like Hsien Ko from Darkstalkers but less cute) with the proper weapon of a peach wood sword, and will imbibe magical tea to grant his fists righteous powers against the undead legions. His ultimate foe? A triad mobster who suffered a grisly demise and rose from the grave (or cat food factory, in this case) to seek revenge.

Check out the trailer for the new content, and let us know if you think this will live up to the surprisingly high standards non-canon Halloween DLC has developed in the last few years.

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