Atlus launches educational video series devoted to King of Fighters XIII

Now, do not get the wrong idea. By alerting you to the existence of Atlus’ newly-created YouTube channel channel devoted to teaching the rudiments of the upcoming King of Fighters XIII, nobody is for a moment saying you need such training. What’s going on here is that you might have a friend, say, who’d love to play KoF against you when the game’s released, but feels a little underprepared and is worried about not presenting you with enough of a challenge. Maybe this “friend” even shares your Xbox Live or PSN account, and is worried about taking your game online and making it look like you don’t know how to play? This hypothetical person sure is lucky Atlus makes such good instructional videos.

So far, only nine of the game’s 30+ characters have received the how-to treatment, which mainly consists of demonstrations of how to perform and score big hits with their special moves and combo attacks. Sure, it’s information you could get from reading the manual, but this is 2011: the number of people who don’t read manuals is exceeded only by the number of people who’ll digest any information in the world as long as it’s presented to them in bite-sized YouTube format. Here’s hoping your friend is one of those people, and benefits from the clips before the game’s late October launch.

Aug 22, 2011

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