Vin Diesel teases Marvel announcement: Comic-Con 2013

Vin Diesel has been in San Diego to promote Riddick at this year’s Comic-Con, but the comment that has got most tongues wagging was one teasing a different project altogether.

During the Riddick panel, Diesel was asked what his vision was for Marvel’s forthcoming movie projects, a reference to the actor’s meeting with the studio earlier in July.

“There is some very big news coming at the end of this month,” said Diesel, laughing. “Poor Marvel. Poor, poor Marvel.”

That sounds like pretty concrete evidence that Diesel has officially signed on to one of Marvel’s forthcoming projects. Provided the studio’s press fascists don’t bump him off for this outburst, of course…

As for which movie he might be appearing in, your guess is as good as ours, but Diesel’s initial Facebook post about the meeting was accompanied by a picture of an Avengers comic…

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