Jekyll & Hyde Modern Reboot For US TV

In the UK we got Jekyll , in the US they’re getting Hyde

Now, US network ABC has commissioned another modern-day retelling of the same tale, this time called Hyde .

So, what will those on the other side of the pond make of the flipside of the dual personality? We’re kinda betting it won’t be as twisty and turny and Moffat’s version (which is far too complicated to explain… but everything you’d expect from the man whose turned Doctor Who into a tantalising televisual Rubik’s Cube).

The new US series is being developed by Up In the Air co-writer Sheldon Turner. According to Deadline (opens in new tab) , the script centres on “Grant Hyde, a thirtysomething ER doctor with a degenerative eye condition who is conflict-averse and hesitant to be captain of his own destiny. After attempting an experimental treatment to improve his eyesight, he begins to experience a strange side effect — when he goes to sleep, his id manifests itself as Hyde, a fearless, gregarious personality who takes control where Grant cannot.”

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