What is Xbox Quick Resume and how does it work

Xbox Quick Resume will let you have multiple games running at the same time on your Xbox Series X and seamlessly switch between them. By harnessing the power of the Xbox Velocity Architecture, you can instantly suspend games that support the Quick Resume feature and then jump straight back into the action in the exact place you left off, skipping all the usual loading screens or menus to get there, even after you’ve turned your console off. It’s a game-changing feature, and definitely makes finding an Xbox Series X deals worthwhile. If you want to have your favorite games ready to play at any time on your Xbox Series X, here’s what you need to know about Xbox Quick Resume and how it works.

How to set up and use Xbox Quick Resume

Xbox Series X Quick Resume

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Handily, Xbox Quick Resume is automatically enabled by default, so you don’t need to do anything to set it up as it’s already quietly working away in the background. To use this feature, simply hit the Xbox button then select a new game to play, which will place your current game into a suspended state. When you want to return to a previous game, select it from your library and you’ll almost instantly resume from where you left off.

This feature will work seamlessly across multiple games, but if you want to bypass Xbox Quick Resume for whatever reason then you can press the Xbox button and highlight the game from the guide, before pressing the Menu button and choosing the Quit option. This will fully shut the game down and remove it from your current Xbox Quick Resume lineup, so the next time you start it, you’ll need to wait for it to load up again.

Does Xbox Quick Resume work with online games

Call of Duty Warzone

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Due to the nature of online games, the way the Xbox Quick Resume function works with them will vary depending on the title. Some games may allow you to jump back into the same game mode you were playing before, perhaps even the same match if you’re fast enough, while others may kick you back to the lobby or out of the multiplayer mode entirely. As there are many more variables involved compared to using Xbox Quick Resume for single player games, your experience will depend on how the developers have set up their online system to deal with suspending and resuming.

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