Burnout Crash outed by Australian ratings board

The Burnout series is big on crashes, and ifEA’s filing with theAustralian ratings board is to be believed, those crashes are being embraced in a new multiplatform title called ‘Burnout Crash.’If you’re excited, curb it for now, becauseEA’s April 1st submission reveals little else.

2008’s Burnout Paradise was well-received, as was Criterion’s latest crash-racing endeavor, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, soit wouldn’t be a surprise to see a new Burnout title soon. AsGameSpot points out (opens in new tab), EA’s senior VP of first-person shooter and racing games said in November:

“Obviously [Criterion] is a brilliant studio we’re going to put against something that makes sense for EA and them…I hope to see more Burnout games in the future. But it’s about prioritizing what we want to do. At this point, we haven’t made a decision to whether Burnout does this or that, but it’s not dead for sure, no.”

So there you go – Burnout Crash. And… that’s all we know.

Apr 4, 2011

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